About Us

Who We Are
GLAD House is a certified mental health and prevention agency where children come to receive the therapy, skills and support they need to build stronger lives. No other organization in Cincinnati combines mental health services, substance abuse and violence prevention programs, academic assistance  cultural enrichment and ongoing long-term support and guidance for high-risk children and their families.

G.L.A.D. House: Breaking the Cycle for over a decade
Glad House works with high risk youth who have been impacted emotionally and behaviorally by a family member with addiction. We provide long-term treatment for children ages 5-18 struggling with the consequences of living in an environment where drug and alcohol addiction are a recurring cycle. Children learn through individual and group therapy how to cope with and ultimately move beyond this destructive family pattern.

Our mission is to improve the lives of children and their families by breaking the cycle of addiction and promoting mental health for children.

GLAD House stands for – “Giving Life a Dream”
The dream is that children stay in school, demonstrate acceptable behavior at home, in school in the community, and live alcohol, tobacco and drug-free lives.

The development of these skills encourages high risk youth to become productive members of society who in turn enrich their community.